NEW Flavors Available Until Midnight August 31st


Now selling Hot Chocolate ($3) and Small Muffins ($2) here at the Café. If you need some help caring everything, grab one of our 4-cup carriers for $3 and remember to reuse.

Also, don't be a stranger! Grab one of our rewards cards and get your 11th drink for free! Don't forget to order online if you're in a rush.


  • Customers are always welcome to take a to-go cup, bring in their own, or use one of the mugs from my personal selection to hang out inside the cafe with friends.
  • Feel free to come in, study and/or have meetings of all sorts.
  • I offer a small coffee bar with a few different creamers and sweeteners. Also if you know a local baker, I am looking to partner with one to sell baked goods in the shop so feel free to reach out.

See you soon!

Mark Richards

With the first sip of Michigan Sunset dark roast I knew it would break into my rotation of regular coffees. It's smooth, earthy and a very pleasurable dark roast to drink black. It goes great with dark chocolate brownies, blueberry muffins or by itself

Lynn Frizzell

First tried a cup of Farm Life at the 02/26/2022 event in Trufant, MI. It was excellent!!! Far too many coffees tried over the years have left a bitter taste behind, so always been reluctant to try new. Had a fabulous cup of coffee and purchased the 8 bag

Maggie White

First time ever with a cup that had been freshly ground. Very good, interesting process. Nice conversation. Will visit again, would rather this coffee than the chains. Smooth and rich, not the least bitter. Good luck Jon, I wish you much success.

Coffee of the Month Schedule:

March - Slainte Mhaith (Irish Whiskey Infused)
April - Morning Falls (Light Roast, Brazil Origin)
May - Mocha Pup Blend (Blend of Light, Medium and Dark Roast, Brazil Origin)
June - Solar Eclipse (Medium Roast, Brazil Origin)
July - 1st Amendment (Beer Barrel Bourbon Infused)
August - Morning Mist (Dark Roast, Sumatra Origin)
September - Northern Lights II (50/50 Blend of medium and dark roast with Sumatra and Brazil Origin)