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Start the Day With a Mug of Handcrafted Coffee

Purchase hand crafted coffee beans, made with care in Big Rapids or Trufant, MI

Coffee is more than your morning pick-me-up. It creates cozy moments, fuels creativity and brings people together. At Coffee by Jon, LLC, we believe a great cup of coffee is a beautiful thing. Our roastery in Trufant, MI produces small-batch coffee that goes great with any meaningful moment.

Contact us to place an order for wholesale coffee or individual 12 oz. bags. Order ground coffee to speed up your brewing process.

We're committed to
our craft

We sell only cast-iron roasted coffee. That means each batch of our beans is stirred by hand in a hot cast-iron skillet. No machines are involved in our roasting process. Just the roaster, the skillet and the coffee. This personal touch is what makes our coffee so special.

Order our coffee today and taste the difference for yourself. If you're a reseller and already a fan, you can order wholesale coffee and keep a good supply of our beans on hand.

Freshly Roasted Coffee,
Delivered to Your Door

Our coffee subscription service will keep you happily caffeinated

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Buying our coffee is more convenient than ever

Coffee connoisseurs know the best coffee beans often aren't found in grocery stores. But that doesn't mean it should be difficult to get your hands on our ground coffee. Your options for buying our coffee include...

Ordering wholesale coffee beans from our website

Signing up for a handcrafted coffee subscription

Visiting our booth at local craft food events

Our ground coffee makes an excellent gift for any coffee lover. Ask us to grind your beans for you when you place your order.